It’s a Different Display for Hollow Earthers

antarcticaearth.jpgRecently, an article which unwittingly lends support to the cause of the Hollow Planets Theory came to light.

The NASA article is entitled Earth Weaves its Own Invisible Cloak. The article highlights two recent research papers by Drs. Rick Chappell and Barbara Giles of NASAs Marshall Space Flight Center. The article by states that:

" In 1987, Chappell and the RIMS team published a paper describing the polar ion fountain and described the ionosphere as a ' fully adequate source of material for the magnetosphere.' That means that scientists did not need to look to the solar wind to fill the magnetosphere. Earth, they contended, does a good job of supplying all the materials."

This new perspective shifts the focus, in relation to the auroral displays, back to the true source of generation of such displays, the planet Earth itself- more charged particles are present in the Earth's atmosphere than conventional science has perceived.

The new perspective is welcome, since the discoveries of Voyager of auroras on the outer planets indicate another source of charged particles, which are located so far from the sun that any solar wind reaching them is far too weak to cause their auroras. This fact flies in the face of the traditional assumption that auroras are caused by the impact of the solar wind on the atmosphere above the poles of planets.

According the the hollow Earth model of Joseph H. Cater, the inner cavity is the direct source of the charged particles which result from the auroral dis
play. Yes, we can say “ result from “ rather than assign a causative role to the charged particles because Mr. Cater defines the charged particles as remnants left by the break-up of aggragates of photons as they flow out through the orifice of the hollow portion of the Earth and disintegrate in the act, thus causing the auroral display. His book, The Ultimate Reality, presents a hollow Earth model whereby photon aggragates pass through the shell of the E
arth and accumulate in the inner cavity, and which release, as they flow out during the auroral display, the charged particles camouflaged within them. This camouflaging of charged particles within by the photon aggragates is similar to the way in which carrier cells behave in biology.    

antarcticaearth.jpgAstronomers do not have a complete picture insofar as the actual origin of the particles which bring about the auroral display, as the soft particles emanating from the Earth’s interior sun have been outside of the purview of NASA's instrumentation. Mr. Joseph H. Cater elaborates on this point on page 92 of The Ultimate Reality:

" From an orthodox standpoint there is no way this ring effect can logically be explained, and all attempts have been devoid of sound thinking. From what has just been presented ( in Mr. Cater's book ), the explanation is obvious. The central sun would naturally radiate high concentrations of soft electrons in all directions. Those whose paths take them close to the edge of the opening will encounter much of the Earth's atmosphere. Many of these will tend to disintegrate as they pass through the atmosphere. Most of these disintegrations will occur some distance above the Earth's surface as they leave the opening. Those whose paths are further from the edge, including the center, will encounter little or no atmosphere, and thus travel to outer space without disintegrating. A ring effect is the result. Although this ring is close to the North Pole, it could not be centered there, but must be offset a few hundred miles, since previous satellite pictures show this opening to be in the vicinity of the magnetic pole in northern Canada.

” The diameter of the ring will fluctuate. It will vary from approximately the diameter of the opening, to several thousand miles. The particles which hit the atmosphere, when ejected from the openings, usually travel considerable distance beyond the opening before many of them disintegrate into their constituent light. This distance will vary according to their concentration and the velocity at which they are ejected. They are forced outward in all directions by a continuous flow of particles from the interior. Resistance produced by atmosphere and the particles it already contains tends to slow them down. This causes a backup of particles. The backup of particles will often concentrate close to the lip of the opening during periods of normal solar activity, when the velocity of particles ejected from the interior is relatively low. The resultant disintegration of particles will produce a ring approximately the diameter of opening. It has been found that during this period, the rings measure 600-700 miles across. Interestingly enough, a close examination of early satellite pictures indicate that the north polar opening about 600 miles in diameter. Since the above-mentioned flat in the outline of the Earth is about 1,600 miles or more across, it can be concluded that the Earth's shell is about 1,000 miles thick!

” It is interesting to note how our obtuse physicists account for the above phenomenon. They claim to have located a huge egg-shaped power source, that helps create the northern and southern lights. The power source" is allegedly an invisible zone, 30-40 times the size of Earth, located about 400,000 miles distance, always on the side of Earth away from the Sun. It uses magnetic forces to trap electrically charged particles from the " Solar Wind." Supposedly, satellite photos of the most detailed ultra violet and visible light of the north-and southern lights, allowed these " ingenious " individuals to caIculate the location of the power source in the Earth's magnetic tail." The tail is supposedly the 4-million mile long part of the Earth's magnetic field, blown away by the solar wind.

” They are candid enough to admit the photos do not actually show the power supply that created the lights, but by studying the photographed variations in the light, physicists were allegedly able to caIculate its location and they were also a bit vague as to the nature of this phantom " power source," and why it has to be always on the side of Earth away from the Sun. Often, in their futile attempts to explain away certain phenomena, they drag in a monstrosity that poses a greater mystery than the one they are trying to explain away.

” The diameter of the ring becomes greater during auroral display This is the result of greater discharges from the Sun which penetrate the Earth's shell in greater numbers. A higher rate of particle accumulation at the Earth's center will result, with a consequent high radiation through the openings. The particles reaching the atmosphere around the lip of the opening have a higher velocity than before. This increased activity causes the more unstable particles to disintegrate before they leave the opening. Consequently, the more stable particles remaining will travel a greater distance before disintegrating.

” The cause of the auroras becomes self-evident. The increased concentration of soft electrons radiated from the openings as a result increased sunspot activity produces a higher percentage of soft particle disintegration in the upper atmosphere." [ End of Cater quote ]

Some testimony by Arctic explorers, gathered together by Marshall B. Gardner, can be understood as being supportive of the inner cavity as the origin of the aurora: " ' H.D. Northrop further notes that the light of the aurora is continuous during the Arctic night, and he says that the arch which we have already mentioned as being such a prominent feature of the aurora is only part of a ring of light which is elevated considerably above the surface of our globe, and whose center is situated in the vicinity of the pole.'" ( A Journey to the Earth’s Interior ) This statement of H.D. Northrop that the aurora does have a constant presence, perceived as such up close, even though not constantly full blown, is indicative of the inner cavity as the source of the aurora. No exterior source would feed a constant display. Scientists can hardly justify that the solar winds are the source of the major displays, what to speak of feeding a “ constant presence.”

In relation to auroral display itself, the question naturally arises as to why the auroral ring slides to the night side of the Earth, across from the Sun, and as to why the thicker part of the ring bunches to that side. Well, the rays of the aurora are ejected from the egress in all directions. " On the day side, these ejected particles encounter a very high concentration of particles from the Sun moving in the opposite direction which is going to drastically reduce the distance that they travel. On the night side, the ejected particles don't encounter such opposition and thus travel a greater distance before disipating. This, of course, creates the illusion of rotation." ( Cater )

In The Aurora Watcher's Handbook, Section 17, Professor Neil Davis presents testimony to the effect that the aurorae can produce a " hissing " or " crackling " sound. Mr. Cater explains that this auroral sound is due to hard electrons which escape the hold of soft particles on their way out from the inner sun, and which effect the molecules of the atmosphere.

The subject of the inner sun itself conjurs up the image of some kind of nuclear process going on in the hollow portion. A nuclear inner sun is a hard hypothesis to accept for several reasons. It would be hard to imagine how a fusion sun would be fueled, and it is hard to imagine how a fission process would be more supportive than destructive to life. Not all schools of hollow Earth thought, however, agree with the idea of a nuclear inner sun.

Joseph H. Cater presents an inner-sun model whereby the inner sun is formed and fueled by soft particles which penetrate the shell of the Earth and arrive at the hollow portion. In this model, the photons in the Sun’s rays form aggragates, also called soft particles by Mr. Cater. In this form, they pass through the shell of our planet. The process starts from the time soft particles reach the Earth's atmosphere, and the process is ongoing throughout their journey through the Earth´s shell.

Also, lower and lower frequencies are attained by the aggragates and they pass through the medium of the Earth’s crust. Mr, Cater refers to this process as the process of Redistribution of Frequency. It is these low frequency, photon aggragates which penetrate the Earth's shell to the inner cavity.

Mr. Cater tells how soft particles penetrate the shell of the Earth by explaining that even single photons have relatively great surface areas in proportion to their masses, and that when a myriad of them combine to form aggregates and soft particles, the resultant particle has a relatively great mass in proportion to its surface area. Compared to a single photon particle, the larger soft particle shoots through matter like a cannonball and makes its way to the surface of the inner shell, where the inner sun is formed.

The central sun consists of excess soft electrons that passed through the Earth’s crust and were repelled by gravity on all sides to the center.

The invisible soft particles then radiate back out through the polar openings, experience friction with the atmosphere and disintegrate into their constituent light, including light in the visible band, thus bringing about the auroral display.

It might be difficult for us to conceive of such an electrical inner sun composed primarily of soft electrons, and suspended within the hollow shell of our planet. Since we are accustomed to the version of modern science of the Sun as a nuclear star, we naturally try to understand the nature of any inner sun along the lines of some kind of nuclear process. But there are other models being developed. For example, fusion/core models originated before the nature of plasma configurations were understood.

The Puranas tell of a civilization of advanced humans along the lines of demigods which live within the Sun. It would be difficult to imagine such a civilization living within a constant nuclear process.

By Dean Dominick De Lucia



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