You Could Learn a Lot from A Daitya !


Joseph H. Cater, in his book The Ultimate Reality, has the following comments to make regarding the book Etidorhpa:
“ It is important at this stage to mention a book concerning the hollow Earth, the finest that has yet been written. It not only contains more important factual information than any other book, but also goes far beyond them in other respects. This great book probably contains more profound metaphysical and scientific truths than any other book written up to the present. The book is entitled Etidorhpa and was first published in 1895. Some books are written in the form of a novel in order to present certain ideas or truths without inviting undue -attack from various quarters. Etidorhpa is considered by most to be a science fiction book. Any intelligent and discerning reader realizes that it isn't.

The book concerns a story within a story. In Cincinnati, Ohio, during the 1860's, a young student of science had an unusual visitation from a mysterious stranger of striking appearance. This strange man, whose name was never revealed, extracted a promise from this student to publish a manuscript which the stranger was to read to him. The time of the publication was to be 30 years later. The manuscript was then read aloud over a period of time requiring many sessions. After the last reading the manuscript was presented to him along with sealed instructions to be opened at the prescribed time.

According to the subject matter of the manuscript, the stranger was taken into the hollow of the earth through a cave in Kentucky during the early part of the nineteenth century. His guide was a cavern dweller who was a member of a secret organization whose objective was the preservation of vital knowledge for the future enlightenment of mankind. The objective of this trip was the inner shell of the earth, where the nameless one was to receive advanced schooling in the mysteries of the universe.

The book Etidorhpa described this amazing trip through the caverns of the inner earth in detail. It also presented some of the philosophy and scientific truths the guide imparted to this man.

The author [ Joseph H. Cater narrating in The Ultimate Reality ] was astounded when he read the book, since it confirmed many of the new ideas he had already formulated. In fact, some of the factual material presented in the book enabled him to extend the new concepts to a more comprehensive view of the universe. It was then possible to explain many things not properly resolved in the book.
According to Etidorhpa, the shell of the hollow earth is 800 miles thick, which an analysis of the satellite pictures confirms. Gravity at the 25-mile depth was one-third normal earth gravity. From that level, gravity decreased gradually until it disappeared at the 700-mile depth. At that point, the narrative ended. The reasons for these conditions were not given, but they are to be expected from the principles already outlined. “

Mr. Cater feels that, if ever there were a book written as fiction in order to present a great truth, then Etidorhpa was such a book.

One of the two main protagonists of the book was The-Man-That-Did-It. This person is referred to as the “ stranger “ by Mr. Cater above. He seemed to play a passive role in the book as he was led by The Guide through the shell of the Earth on a subterranean tour, though he turned out to be a very brave and wise man as he obviously comprehended and passed his tests, for which reason he was referred to in the book as The-Man-Who-Did-It ( Henceforth, we shall simply refer to him as ” The Man.” ). Rod M. Cluff, a hollow Earth researcher, , had the following to say about The Man: “ A fellow hollow Earth researcher, Bruce Walton, came to the conclusion that the nameless person was actually William Morgan. I have a copy of the book Morgan wrote on Free Masonry. It makes perfect sense that he was taken by the Free Masons who faked his death and sent him on a life-long journey to inner earth through a cavern in Kentucky. ”

The way in which The Man was abducted by a network of people allied with underground beings strongly suggests that, especially by now, some 150 years later, institutions of the surface world should be quite infiltrated.

Of as much interest to us as the man was the Guide, referred to as the cave dweller by Mr. Cater above. He was described in the book as a man with “ ... a forehead which extended from crown to cheekbone in an unbroken plane (eyeless) ... [with] a body color of light blue putty [which] glistened in the sunlight like the slimy hide of a water dog, [with] a chubby tip of an abortive nose without nostrils ... cold, clammy hands ... sappy skin from which moisture seemed to ooze, as from the hide of a water lizard.” The description of The Guide reminds us of descriptions of UFO occupants, with their small noses and gray complexions. The way his skin is described with the words “ sappy “ and “ moisture “ smacks of the slimy surface of a mushroom; indeed, this denizen of the underworld was not a sun-based biological entity. It occurs to us that he was a Daitya, a follower of Shukra Acharya, the Daitya Guru, the preceptor of a race of beings who take an opposite stance to the demigod followers of Vishnu. The role of Shukra in Puranic lore corresponds to Venus in the West. Why do we suspect that The Guide was a Daitya-follower of Shukra Acharya in particular? As the book unfolds, and particularly, when the book ends, the Guide is revealed as a highly placed, confidential functionary of Aphrodite- Etidorhpa is Aphrodite spelled backwards- who according to Vedic lore is the daughter of Venus.

Careful consideration of the phenomena experienced in Etidorhpa will allow the reader to decide for him or herself if the book actually describes knowledge, scientific truths, and the mysteries of the inner shell and hollow Earth, as well as whether or not an understanding of Mr. Cater’s soft particle physics is able to bring rational justification to the book. Our consideration can begin on page 193.

While conversing about the configuration of continents, The Guide illuminated his charge by saying: “ You argue from an erroneous hypothesis. The Earth is neither rigid nor solid.”
“ True,” I answered. “ If it were solid I could not be a hundred miles beneath its surface in conversation with another being; but there cannot be many such cavities as that which we are now traversing, and they cannot surely extend entirely through its mass; the great weight of the superincumbent material would crush together the strongest materials, if a globe as large as our earth were extensively honeycombed in this manner."

" Quite the contrary," The Guide replied; " and here let me, for the first time, enlighten you as to the interior structure of the terrestrial globe. The earth-forming principle consists of an invisible sphere of energy that, spinning through space, supports the space dust which collects on it, as dust on a bubble. By gradual accumulation of substance on that sphere a hollow ball has resulted, on the outer surface of which you have hitherto dwelt. The crust of the earth is comparatively thin, not more than eight hundred miles in average, thickness, and is held in position by the central sphere of energy that now exists at a distance about seven hundred miles beneath the ocean level. The force inherent to this sphere manifests itself upon the matter which it supports on both sides, rendering matter the lighter the nearer it lies to the center sphere. In other words, let me say to you: `The crust, or shell, which I have just described as being but about eight hundred miles in thickness is firm and solid on both its convex and concave surface, but gradually loses in weight, whether we penetrate from the outer surface toward the center, or from any point of the inner surface towards the outside, until at the central sphere matter has no weight at all.' Do you conceive my meaning?"

" Yes," I replied; " I understand you.”

Here the guide is explaining that huge caverns and cavities deep within the Earth’s inner shell do not typically collapse due to the weight of the Earth above them because the effects of gravity diminish the deeper one penetrates.

On page 201 we can see that, the deeper the pair penetrated the Earth’s shell, the less exhaustive was simple movement thanks to an attenuation of gravity:
“ ... we had been rapidly walking, or I should better say advancing, for we no longer walked as men do, but skipped down into the Earth, down, ever downward. ... I was sensible of a marked decrease of muscular energy required to carry us onward, and I realized that my body was quite exempt from weariness. Motion became restful instead of exhausting, and it seemed to me that the ratio of the loss of weight, as shown by our free movements, in proportion to the distance we traversed, was greater than formerly. The slightest exhibition of propelling force cast us rapidly forward. Instead of the laborious, short step of upper earth, a single leap would carry us many yards. A slight spring, and with our bodies in space, we would skip several rods, alighting gently, to move again as easily. I marveled, for, although I had been led to anticipate something unusual, the practical evidence was wonderfully impressive, and I again questioned my guide.

’ We are now nearing what physicists would call the center of gravity,’ he replied, ‘ and our weight is rapidly diminishing. This is in exact accordance with the laws that govern the force called gravitation, which, at the earth's surface, is apparently uniform, though no instrument known to man can demonstrate its exact variation ... as we descend into the Earth.’”

Only two kinds of people would take stock in the above descriptions- the incurably eccentric and those familiar with the subtle workings of nature, particularly soft particle physics. According to Joseph H. Cater’s soft particle presentation, gravity effects are caused by an electromagnetic radiation between the radar and infrared band. Given such a scheme of gravity, the above descriptions from Etidorhpa acquire new meaning. It suffices to say that such an electromagnetic radiation would not be able to penetrate uniformly, nor 100%, through Earth’s shell; at different depths the gravity-inducing frequency would experiencefriction with  frequencies that impede its passage in strata further down. In this way, gravity would diminish the further down one penetrated, giving rise to the experiences related by The Man.

Another phenomenon which The Man reported was an all-pervading luminosity at great depths below the surface of the Earth. The Man reported that a gray haze began to appear, followed further down by a more localized luminosity, followed yet further by a fully illuminating “ soft light.” His guide explained the nature of the light very well, yet simply, by asking rhetorically about the fact that the Earth receives more light from the Sun than the Earth radiates back out, and whether The Man really thought that the Earth’s shell were an obstacle for the passage of the Sun’s energy? The guide went on to state that Sun’s radiation “ seeps through the Earth as a fluid and returns to the Sun not discernible by man.” He suggested that the majority of light and heat which we experience are the results of local reactions within the Earth’s atmosphere and the globe itself. He hinted at the nature of the mechanism by referring to a flood of darkness at that depth which became “ revivified, then made apparent to mortal eyes ” and by saying about his own visual perception that “ darkness touches on my nerves.”

It is fine if the faithful accept the testimony offered by the book, but it would be nice to have some reasoning to go on because this business of light and heat being created in the atmosphere of the Earth, then darkness in the initial portion of the crust, then light created again in the deeper shell, is not easily understandable. It is here that Mr. Cater’s application of soft particle physics comes to the rescue. Mr. Cater explains: “ The visible photon radiation from the sun is scattered and quickly dispersed, or recombines to form photon aggragates, after it reaches the surface of the Earth. The photon aggragates continue on and penetrate below the surface. During this process, they continually break up and form new particles again, generally of a softer nature [releasing light in the form of individual photons].

Science tells us that sunlight only penetrates the Earth’s surface for a few meters, but science refers to the individual photons case. Photon photon aggragates, however,  penetrate further.

Then, once the light penetrates as little as ten miles below the surface of the oceans, the darkness becomes less intense and grayish, hazy outlines become barely perceptible- according to the  book Etidorhpa. At a depth of 150 miles, the luminosity was described by the man as being “ vividly distinct in the brightness of an earth light that now proved to be superior to sunshine.” Again, this is because the aggragates of photons formed when the sunlight impacted the Earth’s shell began to break up and release particles in the visible range.

It is in this way that the sunlight and warmth which we experience are actually “Earth-bred “, that light “seeps through the Earth as a fluid”, that light and warmth may be generated within the bowels of the Earth, and that such light is “revitalized darkness”. (All quotes from The Guide). Since there is no central source of light- it is omnipresent within the depths of the  shell- we can understand why no shadows exist. Mr. Cater’s understanding of soft particle physics has certainly come to the rescue of the book Etidorhpa, and our rescue, too!

No wonder The Man tells of underground worlds full of giant, lush vegetation, and myriad species of living entities. In the worlds below our feet there exists illumination, warmth and water; the extreme, turbulent conditions experienced on the surface are absent below:
“ I have acquainted you with but little that I experienced. Near surface earth we passed through caverns filled with creeping reptiles; neither beast nor bird; we passed through passages of and labyrinths of apparently interminable intra-earth structures; to have disported on such features of my journey would have been impracticable. From time to time I experienced strains of melody, such as never before had I conceived, seemingly choruses of angels were singing in and to my very soul. From empty space about me, from out the crevices beyond and behind me, from the depths of my spirit within me, came these strains in notes clear and distinct, but yet indescribable. Did I fancy, or was it real? I will not pretend to say. Flowers and structures beautiful, insects gorgeous and inexplicable were spread before me. Figures and forms I can not attempt to indicate in word descriptions, ever and anon surrounded, accompanied, and passed me by. The canvas conceptions of earth-bred artists bring to mind no forms so strange and weird and yet so beautiful as were these compound beings. Restful beyond description was it to drink in the indescribable strains of poetry of motion that I appreciated in the movements of fair creatures I have not mentioned, and it was no less soothing to experience the soul relief wrought by the sounds about me, for musicians know no notes so sweet and entrancing.

There were also, in side caverns to which I was led,
combinations of sounds and scenes in which floating strains and fleeting figures were interwoven and interlaced so closely that the senses of both sight and hearing became blended into a single sense, new, weird, strange, and inexpressible. As flavor is the combination of odor and taste, and is neither taste nor odor, so these sounds and scenes combined were neither scenes nor sounds, but a complex sensation, new, delicious. Sometimes I begged to be permitted to stop and live forever 'mid those heavenly charms, but with as firm a hand as when helping me through the chambers of mire, ooze, and creeping reptiles, my guide drew me onward.” ( Etidorhpa, page 268 )

As the chambers of mire, ooze and creeping reptiles suggest, The Man was exposed to hellish as well as heavenly environments. Torment and suffering were experienced by him- For example, in “ demon land,” in the drunkard’s hell. The Man sipped of a fungus liquor and slipped into tormenting experiences which we will not repeat here. What is of interest, however, are some concepts which were introduced by his experiences such as time dilation. Time dilation was presented as being an integral part of the experience of the various hells. The Man experienced several hellish existences of varying intensities, all seeming to last forever, but all compressed to within seconds of time or a fraction thereof. Once it was all over, it was as if he had awoken from a dream, as if there had been no time, as if it were all a flash. The Man:

“ Where have you been during the wretched epochs that have passed since I last saw you?" I asked.

" I have been here," he replied [ The Guide ], " and you have been there."

" You lie, you villainous sorcerer," I cried; " you lie again as you have lied to me before. I followed you to the edge of demon land, to the caverns of the drunkards, and then you deserted me. Since last we met I have spent a million, billion years of agony inexpressible, and have had that agony made doubly horrible by contrast with the thought, yes, the very sight and touch of Heaven. I passed into a double eternity and have experienced the ecstasies of the blessed, and suffered the torments of the damned, and now you dare boldly tell me that I have been here, and that you have been there since last I saw you stand by this cursed fungus bowl.

" Yes," he said, taking no offense at my violence; " yes neither of us has left this spot; you have sipped of the drink of an earth-damned drunkard, you have experienced part of the curses of intemperance, the delirium of narcotics.


“ Listen, he said. I neither left you, nor went with you. You neither left this spot nor came back again. You neither saw nor experienced my presence nor my absence; there was no beginning to your journey.”

" You ate of the narcotic fungus; you have been intoxicated.”

“ I have not,” I retorted. “I have been through your accursed caverns, and into hell beyond. I have been consumed by eternal damnation in the journey, have experienced a heaven of delight, and also an eternity of misery."

" Upon the contrary, the time that has passed since you drank the liquid contents of that fungus fruit has only been to which permitted you to fall upon your knees. You swallowed the liquor when I handed you the shell cup; you dropped upon your knees, and then instantly awoke. See," he said; " in corroboration of my assertion the shell of the fungus fruit at your feet is still dripping with the liquid which you did not drink. Time has been annihilated. Under the influence of this potent earth-bred narco-intoxicant, your dream began inside of eternity; you did not pass into it." ( Etidorhpa, pages 242 – 243 )

This idea of time dilation has a Vedic ring to it. For example, in the Vedic literature, a lunar month is defined as one day of the demigods. And there are even higher classifications of demigods than the lunar race living within the Moon. The highest, subtlest realm within this material world is the abode of Brahma. Shree Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita, outlines the basic time scale of Brahma in the seventeenth text of the Eighth chapter of the Gita- purport by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, Prabhupada:


“ By human calculation, a thousand ages taken together form the duration of Brahma's one day. And such also is the duration of his night.


The duration of the material universe is limited. It is manifested in cycles of kalpas. A kalpa is a day of Brahma, and one day of Brahma consists of a thousand cycles of four yugas, or ages: Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali. The cycle of Satya is characterized by virtue, wisdom and religion, there being practically no ignorance and vice, and the yuga lasts 1,728,000 years. In the Treta-yuga vice is introduced, and this yuga lasts 1,296,000 years. In the Dvapara yuga there is an even greater decline in virtue and religion, vice increasing, and this yuga lasts 864,000 years. And finally in Kali-yuga (the yuga we have now been experiencing over the past 5,000 years) there is an abundance of strife, ignorance, irreligion and vice, true virtue being practically nonexistent, and this yuga lasts 432,000 years. In Kaliyuga vice increases to such a point that at the termination of the yuga the Supreme Lord Himself appears as the Kalki avatara, vanquishes the demons, saves His devotees, and commences another Satyayuga. Then the process is set rolling again. These four yugas, rotating a thousand times, comprise one day of Brahma, and the same number comprise one night. Brahma lives one hundred of such " years " and then dies. These " hundred years " by earth calculations total to 311 trillion and 40 billion earth years. By these calculations the life of Brahma seems fantastic and interminable, but from the viewpoint of eternity it is as brief as a lightning flash. In the Causal Ocean there are innumerable Brahmas rising and disappearing like bubbles in the Atlantic. Brahma and his creation are all part of the material universe, and therefore they are in constant flux.

In the material universe not even Brahma is free from the process of birth, old age, disease and death. Brahma, however, is directly engaged in the service of the Supreme Lord in the management of this universe-therefore he at once attains liberation. Elevated sannyasis are promoted to Brahma's particular planet, Brahmaloka, which is the highest planet in the material universe and which survives all the heavenly planets in the upper strata of the planetary system, but in due course Brahma and all the inhabitants of Brahmaloka are subject to death, according to the law of material nature.”

Time dilation is certainly experienced in the astral realm, and we understand from folklore relating to fairies and other such underworld beings that time dilation takes place in the depths below. Mr. Cater’s soft particle physics gives us some insight as to why time functions differently in the different realms: “ Since particles of matter in higher realms are far more active than those in lower realms, it follows that events in realms of higher frequency matter take place more rapidly. This means that smaller units of time must be employed in the higher realms. The consciousness automatically adjusts to these changes, so that the inhabitants in these worlds are not aware of any differences. Accounts received from entities residing in an astral realm who have recently lost their physical bodies confirm this. A notable case which the author encountered involves a person who seemingly had spent many months in an astral realm since his demise. At this time, he was informed to his amazement that some guides were going to take him down to the physical realm so he could view his own funeral. This funeral took place only three days alter his departure, yet he thought several months had passed. Occult lore is steeped with cases of this type, yet the obvious reason for the time anomalies always escaped those who researched the subject. It is to he expected that the wrong interpretations concerning the properties of time are always placed on such incidents. One of the most popular explanations is the erroneous conclusion that time doesn't exist in the astral realms!” ( The Ultimate Reality, Chapter 28 )

Another concept introduced in the hellish environment described in Etidorhpa relates to the living entity determining a form for itself, practically conditioning itself, according to its past activities and previous experiences. According to Etidorhpa, it is the ethereal body of the living entity which becomes conditioned while the physical body retains the shape it was born with. It is not hard to figure out that in the next life, the living entity would acquire a physical body appropriate the acquired conditioning of its subtle, ethereal body. Here is the appropriate section from pages 218 – 219:

“ I submissively relied on my guide, and as stoical as he appeared to be, I moved onward to new scenes.

We came to a great chamber which, as we halted on its edge, seemed to be a prodigious amphitheater. In its center a rostrum-like stone of a hundred feet in diameter, flat and circular on the top, reared itself about twelve feet above the floor, and to the base of this rostrum the floor of the room sloped evenly. The amphitheater was fully a thousand feet in diameter, of great height, and the floor was literally alive with grotesque beings. Imagination could not depict an abnormal human form that did not exhibit itself to my startled gaze. One peculiarity now presented itself to my mind; each abnormal part seemed to be created at the expense of the remainder of the body. Thus, to my right I beheld a single leg, fully twelve feet in height, surmounted by a puny human form, which on this leg, hopped ludicrously away. I saw close behind this huge limb a great ear attached to a small head and body; then a nose so large that the figure to which it was attached was forced to hold the face upward, in order to prevent the misshaped organ from rubbing on the stony floor. Here a gigantic forehead rested on a shrunken face and body, and there a pair of enormous feet were walking, seemingly attached to the body of a child, and yet the face was that of a man. If an artist were to attempt to create as many revolting figures as possible, each with some member out of proportion to the rest of the body, he could not add one form to those upon this floor. And yet, I again observed that each exaggerated organ seemed to have drawn itself into existence by absorbing the remainder of the body. We stood on the edge of this great room, and I pondered the scene be fore my eyes. At length my guide broke the silence:
‘ You must cross this floor; no other passage is known. Mark well my words, heed my advice.

This is the Drunkards' Den These men are lost to themselves and to the world. Every member of this assembly once passed onward as you are now doing, in charge of a guide. They failed to reach the goal to which you aspire, and retreating, reached this chamber, to become victims to the drink habit. Some of these creatures have been here for ages, others only for a short period.’

‘ Why are they so distorted? ’ I asked.

‘ Because matter is now only partly subservient to will,’ he replied. ‘The intellect and mind of a drunkard on surface earth becomes abnormal by the influence of an intoxicant, but his real form is unseen, although evidently misshapen and partly subject to the perception of a few only of his fellow men. Could you see the inner form of an earth surface drunkard, you would perceive as great a mental monstrosity as is any physical monster now before you, and of the two the physically abnormal creature is really the least objectionable. Could you see the mind configurations of an assembly of surface earth topers, you would perceive a class of beings as much distorted mentally as are these physically. A drunkard is a monstrosity. On surface earth the mind becomes abnormal; here the body suffers.’

‘ Why is it,’ I asked, ‘ that parts of these creatures shrink away as some special organ increases?’

‘ Because the abnormal member can grow only by abstracting its substance from the other portions of the body. An increasing arm enlarges itself by drawing its strength from the other parts, hence the body withers as the hand enlarges, and in turn the hand shrinks when the leg increases in size. The total weight of the individual remains about the same.

Men on earth judge of men not by what they are, but by what they seem to be. The physical form is apparent to the sense of sight, the real man is unseen. However, as the boot that encloses a foot can not altogether hide the form of the foot within, so the body that encloses the life entity, can not but exhibit here and there the character of the dominating spirit within. Thus a man's features may grow to indicate the nature of the enclosed spirit, for the controlling character of that spirit will gradually impress itself on the material part of man. Even on surface earth, where the matter side of man dominates, a vicious spirit will produce a villainous countenance, a mediocre mind a vapid face, and an amorous soul will even protrude the anterior part of the skull.

Carry the same law to this location, and it will be seen that as mind, or spirit, is here the master, and matter is the slave, the same rule should, under natural law, tend to produce such abnormal figures as you perceive. Hence the part of a man's spirit that is endowed most highly sways the corresponding part of his physical body at the expense of the remainder. Gradually the form is altered under the relaxing influence of this fearful intra-earth intoxicant, and eventually but one organ remains to tell of the symmetrical man who formerly existed. Then, when he is no longer capable of self motion, the comrades carry the drunkard's fate, which is here the abnormal being you have see, into the selected corridor, and deposit it among the others of its kind, as in turn the bearers are destined sometime to be carried by others....

I should tell you, furthermore, that on the surface Earth a drunkard is not less abnormal than these creatures; but men cannot see the form of the drunkard’s spirit.’”

The above statement has an eerie truth about it. For example, we can see that all action is initiated on the mental, ethereal platform before actually occurring; a person thinks about raising his or her finger, and then wills the act to happen on the physical platform. It never happens that the act occurs first and then the person wills it to happen after the fact. In the same way, The Guide is explaining that, according to the mentality which a person develops, he or she will occupy a corresponding physical body later on. As far as the “ hell “ experienced in the Drunkards’ Den is concerned, it should not be so hard to understand that, in proportion to a person’s absorption of an intoxicant, the body no longer responds to the mind’s will, and the mind’s control over even simple, motor functions becomes compromised. So if a person does not desire to assume a willful role in life, then he or she may eventually maneuver themselves into a situation where such a reality can be experienced after leaving the material body. This understanding provides a realistic view of the law of karma and shows just how it is that God fulfills one’s desires. It is just that God knows more about a person’s true desires than the person actually admits or recognizes. The example of the drunkards’ hell also clears the way for comprehending how a person can become degraded into animal species, i.e., by acquiring a animal mentality or using the human form to carry out a royal edition of animal life.

Another revelation of interest was communicated by The Guide, and has to do with the future of mankind on the surface of the Earth. “ This fungoid forest could feed a multitude. It is probable that in time to come when man deserts the bleak Earth surface, as he will some day be forced to do, as has been the case in frozen planets that are not now inhabited on the outer crust; nations will march through these spaces on their way from the dreary, outside Earth to the delights of the salubrious inner sphere. Here then, when that day of necessity appears, as it will surely come under inflexible climatic changes that will control the destiny of outer earth life, these constantly increasing stores adapted to nourish humanity, will be found accumulated and ready to nourish humanity.” ( Etidorhpa, Chapter 13 ) We can practically see the truth of The Guide’s statements as other planets in the solar system do not appear to be inhabited on the surface, to our apparent vision, though artificial artifacts on the surface of the various celestial orbs have come to light in recent years. Pyramids, monoliths, ramps, schards sticking straight up and domed structures accessed by steps are examples of such left-over artifacts. The question is, left over by who, and to where have such makers gone? The Guide’s prediction is certainly foreboding.

Should a pious person with a traditional understanding of religion and God learn about the cosmos and even learn philosophy from a resident of the underworld, even though such an under worlder is wise, mystic and experienced in many ways? This writer can’t recommend such; mention of devotion to God, for example, is absent in the book Etidorhpa; to be fair, though, the subject matter of Etidorhpa is not direct religious philosophy. Besides, books such as the Bhagavad Gita already impart direct instruction which take one to the platform of full surrender to God, as the Gita instructs one to “ Abondon all varieties of religion and surrender directly unto Me.”
( Sarva Dharman Parit Yagña, Mam Ekam Sharanam Vraja ). The Bhagavat and Vishnu Puranas begin from the platform of full surrender/pure love of God and narrate loving stories about God, The Supreme Person.

But if you, the reader, would like to acquire a greater understanding of the phenomenal world around you, such as the hollow nature of the planet on which you are living, then keep this in mind- You Could Learn a Lot from a Daitya!

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