An Excerpt from Caverns, Cauldrons and Concealed Creatures

By Mike Mott

Japanese legends of serpent/dragon and human marraiges, seductions, and liaisons abound.
Sometimes the offspring of such unions were said to be either more human-like or more
reptilian in nature or appearance. Such shapeshifting dragon-beings, appearing as beautiful men
and women, would walk into the life of prominent samurai, warlords, or other notables, obtain
the desired genetic influx, and then depart. Occasionally the offspring of such unions would be
left in the surface, or human,world; the dragon-person would return to his or her abode in
caverns beneath the mountains or under the sea.

One such story is an ancient Japanese tale which supposedly occured in the village of Siota, at
the foot of Mt. Soba, one of Japan's many "holy mountains." A maiden named Mimoto, the
daughter of a prominent merchant and civic leader, became enamoured of a handsome and
mysterious youth whom she took to meeting in the woods at night. Lured by his flute and
seduced by his advances, Mimoto lost her sense of discretion and caused great dismay for her
parents, who planned a disruption to her affair with the unknown young man. At the insistence
of her parents, she attached a strong red string to the young man's garments. After his
departure before dawn, Mimoto, her parents, and several strong men followed the string through
the vales and forests, until at last it led them to a cavern on the slopes of Mt. Soba.

At this point in the story, mythic elements of a more symbolic nature take over--the "young
man" is heard inside the cave, moaning in pain, and when Mimoto calls to him he informs her
that he has "a needle in his throat," presumably the needle which she had used to attach the
thread to his garments. After some coaxing, he is persuaded to come out into the light of day,
and the villagers of Siota behold his true form: that of a Ryu, or dragon. He is ashamed to show
his true appearance, and the people are understandably distressed. The dragon informs his
lover that he will die soon, due to the prick of the needle, and that she is also pregnant with his
child, whom he apparently can't take with him into "his world" due to his imminent demise.

One interesting point here is that both the bright light of morning, and the "prick" of a needle,
proved the undoing of a mighty, scaled, underworld entity. As a parallel of note here, as
recently as the nineteenth century traditional Celtic belief in the British Isles held that iron pins
and needles, stuck in clothing, blankets, and so forth, would protect people from abduction or
from being replaced with "changelings." It might be worthwhile to theorize that this is indicative
of a disruption of an electromagnetic field of some sort, resulting in the "illusion" or technology
(hologram?) being disabled. But since most liaisons between underworlders and humans take
place at night, the radiation of the sun is just as likely to have been the source of the "dragon's"
distress as would a "needle" in his throat. Still, the Reverend Robert Kirk, an investigator of the
"subterraneans," who died (or, as tradition holds, was "abducted" while investigating the Fairy
Hill at Aberfoyle, a natural geological formation) for his nosiness, wrote about preventing
kidnapping and seduction by the "subterraneans" in THE SECRET COMMONWEALTH

To return to [ the Japanese narration ], whether due to needle-metal or not, Mimoto never saw her
dragon-lover again but she did give birth to a hybrid child, whom she called Akagire
Taro, or Chapped Son. This was due to the fact that his skin was cracked, creased, and
scaled like that of a reptile. From here the ancient tale enters historic accounts, for a
direct descendant of Akagire Yataro, as the son was known in manhood, was a
member of the Genji Clan named Saburo Ogata, who took pride in the fact that he had
scales on his body as had his ancestors before him. He was the grandson of Yataro the
Fifth. Again, a prominent family line seems to have been the desired target of the
original, and perhaps repeated, genetic exchange. While in the East, the influx of
"dragon-blood" is seen as a thing of great pride, in the West such things are covered
with an elaborate coating of fable and mist, becoming "fairytales" about serpent or
frog-princes (as will be discussed later). Western sentiment, at least on the surface, is
against such liaisons, often for religious reasons but not always on this basis alone, as
the subterraneans have a track-record of cruelty, selfishness, and malice. While the
Japanese "dragon" or reptilian humanoid introduced his genes into the primate pool,
the mythical medieval knight Tannhäuser was cursed by the Pope for his dalliance
with a subterranean maiden, and when God forgave him by virtue of a Sign, he could
not be found--he had returned in despair to the "Mountain of Venus," filled with
underworld lovers who were his at the price of his eternal salvation, as he was
doomed by a callous religious leader to become sperm-donor to a subterranean race.

This parasitical relationship has very ancient roots indeed. The most ancient Hebrew traditions
center around the female demoness named Lilith, from the Sumerian Lil and the Babylonian
Lilitu.. She was the original "fatal attraction," as Hebrew esoteric tradition states that before Eve
was created, Adam took a beautiful humanoid woman (not human, as she was not descended
from Adam and Eve--perhaps neanderthal or another proto-human form) as lover or wife.
According to various traditions and tales, Lilith was not the domestic type; she rebelled against
the dominion of Adam and God, and after eating her own infant, she fled to a cave. There she
took up cohabitation with the demonic residents who were already present, and began to breed
with them. The primary bone of contention for Lilith was being subject to the rulership or
authority of Adam, and her habits were decidely feminist and darkly matriarchal in nature. One
of her final promises or threats to Adam and Eve was that she and her offspring would always
emerge from the underworld and wastelands, to abduct human children for their own purposes.
Could this be an ancient record of a real and ongoing predacious activity? Perhaps the offspring
of Lilith, a hybrid mix from the beginning, desperately need a periodic infusion of human genetic
material or otherwise they become less and less "human" in appearance. It's interesting to note
that Lilith is considered in esoteric tradition to be the ancestor or mother of the succubi and
incubi, who of course engage in procreative or sexual activities with human beings. And is this
all somehow related to "later" events, involving an upright, bipedal serpent and an piece of fruit?

It should be noted that the "serpent--" Satan, Lucifer-- did not "go on his belly in the dust" until
after the events which led to the Fall of Mankind, but walked upright, coming and going in
humanoid, bipedal fashion. The Torah and the New Testament both refer specifically to Satan
as "that old dragon, the devil," "the serpent," and so forth. This begs the obvious question of a
prehuman yet terrestrial race or form, of such antiquity as to have been originally of theropod, or
bipedal saurian, derivation. Satan ("The Adversary") was lord over the Nefilim (literally "Those
Who Fell From the Heavens,") who were generally regarded as fallen angels/demons and the
losers of a cosmic war, and who were also said to be "in the earth." Was this the race that
offered refuge to Lilith, ancient yet terrestrially-bound refugees and rebels from a galactic
conflict? The phonetic similarity between "Nefilim" and "Niflheim," the reptilian-monster-haunted
underworld of the dead from Norse mythology, is interesting to note. According to Hebrew
tradition, Satan was lord of the Earth in the distant past, before his rebellion; and as part of the
punishment he received for his assault on "the Third Heaven (a greater galactic kingdom?)," he
was "thrown downward to the Earth" where all that he had ruled over was destroyed. Now
Science tells us that a sudden and catastrophic blow, perhaps an asteroid slamming (having
been directed?) into the Earth, wiped out all of the theropod, brachiopod, saurian, and most
other reptilian forms that existed in "the age of the dinosaurs." This theory is supported by an
amazing new book, written by an avowed religious agnostic, who has been a reporter for the
Washington Post as well as for the Wall Street Journal. Reporter Michael Drosnin spent five
years studying the findings of Israeli computer scientists and cryptogryphers, who claim to have
discovered hidden messages encoded into the Hebrew text of the Torah, or Old Testament.
These messages are often in the form of the names of persons, places, or historical events
which have occurred over the past few thousand years (and much earlier, it seems), as well as
being of decidely non-Hebrew origin or deriviation. Both Drosnin, an eternal skeptic, and his
Israeli contacts were no doubt amazed at what they found. To quote from page 148 of his book,
THE BIBLE CODE, Drosnin writes:

"'Asteroid" and "dinosaur" are encoded together in the Bible. The Biblical name for the first
creatures God created on Earth is also encoded in the same place."

"'And God created the great Tanin," states the (encoded) message (in) the first chapter of
Genesis. The word means "dragons" or "monsters." It describes some huge animal that no
longer exists."

"And "dragon" is encoded across "dinosaur," just above "asteroid." With them is encoded the
name of the dragon that, according to legend, God slayed (sic; slew) before Creation."

"It is surely intentional that the name of the dragon the Bible says God fought--"Rahab--"
appears in the Bible code exactly where the "asteroid" hits (crosses) the "dinosaur."

"In fact, the full hidden text states, "It will strike Rahab."

"It suggests that the extinction of the dinosaurs was the real slaying of the dragon (Fall of
Satan and his kingdom at the time--W.M.M.), the cosmic event recalled by Isaiah: "Was it not
you who cut Rahab in pieces, and pierced through the dragon?"

Drosnin's book also includes the actual Hebrew text, with the encoding revealed as it actually
appears in the Torah. The implication is obvious: The "Fall of Satan" was synonymous with the
"Fall" or destruction of the dinosaurs, and the end of the age of reptilian dominance on our
planet. Rather than being a name for God's adversary, "Rahab" may have been the name by
which the Earth was known before this event, or the name of the prehuman (saurian) yet
humanoid civilization which existed then. Since that time, the "reptilians" and their various
offshoots have been in hiding, or banished beneath the Earth:

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which
deceiveth the whole world; he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with
him. --Rev. 12:9

Satan may be a being or entity in his own right, but his name is also synonymous with the
reptilian races he had lorded over (but who were still created as part of the "Tanin" or reptilian
kingdom, by God), and who joined him in his galactic, interplanetary, and spiritual rebellion.
Lilith may or may not have been a descendant of this race or species, but those who took her
in most certainly were. In the 50 million years which have passed since the destruction of the
"Kingdom of Rahab," the subterranean descendants of the saurian humanoids have evolved or
taken on a variety of forms, racial types, or species, some apparently as comely and humanoid
as "fairy princesses," others as hideous as hairy humanoids, trolls, and enigmatic forms like
"grays," "reptoids," and "El Chupacabras."

Satan was also called "The Prince of the Powers of the Air," and was regarded as ruler over a
wide range of kingdoms above and below the earth, all of which had vehicles for traversing the
underworld, the land, the sea, and particularly the firmament. In Zechariah, Chapter 5, we find
the prophet speaking with an angel of the Lord:

"Again, I lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and beheld a flying scroll (cylindrical or
"cigar-shaped" UFO?). And then he said unto me, What seest thou? And I answered, I see a
flying scroll; the length thereof is twenty cubits, and the breadth thereof ten cubits. Then he
said unto me, This is the curse that goeth forth over the face of the whole earth: for everyone
that stealeth shall be cut off as on this side according to it, and everyone that sweareth falsely
shall be cut off as on that side according to it."

Such intrusive sexual predators and meddlers in human affairs, seemingly paranormal in nature,
are almost invariably associated with mysterious lights, wisps, and fires--Zeus and his lightning,
the dragon and its flames or nimbus, the faeries with their will-o'-the-wisps and "witchlights."
The parallel with modern UFO sightings of various sizes and types is clearly obvious, and
perhaps indicates an electomagnetic effect which is more visible by night.

It would be comfortable and oh-so-smugly complacent and superior of intellect to look upon
these accounts, and thousands of others like them from folklore and fable from around the
world, and dismiss them as the primitive imaginings and musings of more primitive minds. The
only problem with such a position is the fact that, according to many people living in the here
and now, such things are continuing to take place on a regular basis. Not only is there a direct
connection between the UFO phenomenon and some subterranean myths or reality, there is
apparently a continued fascination with genetics, abduction, and offspring.


Norman L. (his name changed at his request), a single father living in the mountainous region of
North Alabama, is one person who can testify to the truth of this continued intrusiveness. His
wife had become deeply involved in caving (spelunking), leaving Norman and their toddler
daughter to care for themselves most of the time. The wife became engrossed and fascinated
with the past-time of caving, and often reported to her husband of seeing UFOs during some of
the expeditions made with her hard-partying friends, multiple-day trips into remote and
sometimes almost-inaccessible areas near "wild" caves and pits. The marriage began to
deteriorate for a variety of reasons, many of them traceable to the obsession of the wife for
spelunking; and strange phenomena began to occur around the house when the wife was
home, or on the rare outing with the family.

Around nine one evening this family of three paid a visit to a local department store, one of the
type which incorporates "mart" into its name. This store was located near a large ridge of
mountains which ran alongside the eastern edge of the town, mountains which are
honeycombed with caves and pits. The oldest part of the town itself is said to sit atop an
ancient network of caverns, around which many local legends revolve. So husband, wife, and
child cruised the aisles of the supermarket, when both adults became aware of an intense
sense of presence.

The back corner of the store was unusually dark, as if some of the lighting were either dimmed
or out. At the end of an intersecting aisle a strange figure lurked, literally leering at them as
they walked by. According to Norman L., this figure was hideously malformed, in that he had no
discernable neck, almost no chin, misshapen ears and facial features, and a decidely evil,
grimacing disposition. His eyes were squinted and piggish, his head literally "squarish." His
rounded, hunched body was wrapped in very loose clothing, primarily an immense flannel shirt
which hid the true contours of his body. His attitude was definitely menacing as he transferred
his gaze from the man, to the child riding in the shopping cart. He leaned forward as if to get a
better look.

Norman stepped forward defensively, even though he was filled with an instinctive revulsion by
this being. He insists that the person they encountered wasn't human, an opinion that his wife
at the time had concurred with. Norman's take on this strange voyeur?

"He simply wasn't a human being. He looked human in a fundamental, first-glance kinda way,
but he was something else. He had a strong air of evil and hate about him. He actually looked
like a troll."

Upon seeing Norman's reaction, the creature slunk back into the shadows of the aisle and was
soon left behind.

Over the next year, the marriage dissolved and ended. Norman ended up with custody of the
daughter, and took her with him everywhere. One night they visited a below-ground-level
toystore in a local multi-level shopping mall; with the exception of the sales clerk standing near
the front of the store, they were the only people in the place. Or so it seemed.

As his young daughter squatted to play with toys on the bottom of the shelf, Norman became
aware of another presence. He turned to see a small child slowing meandering down the aisle
toward them, seemingly a thin little girl of about five or six years of age. Suddenly this "child"
made a quick move toward his daughter, and Norman scooped her up and took several steps

"It wasn't a little girl," he says. "It was wearing a dingy yellow dress, had a girl's shoes and
socks on, and its hair looked loose on its head, like a straight black wig, very artificial in
appearance--kind of like a "Prince Valiant (haircut)." Its skin was abnormally pale, the eyes
wide-set and almost at the side of its head, 'wrapping around the edge,' sort of. The eyes were
almond-shaped, turning up at the outer edges, but squinty, and they were pure black or dark
brown. There were no whites to the eyes at all! They were like ink."

Thinking that perhaps this being was an unsupervised, malformed or mentally-handicapped
child, Norman took his daughter and moved over an aisle; the little being followed them almost
immediately. This was repeated twice, but the being stood off, a bit warier than before, still
staring fixedly at Norman's daughter. He picked her up and they looked around the store for the
parent of the "disturbed child," but there was no other shopper in the place. Aggravated,
Norman complained to the cashier at the front of the store, asking that he have the parents of
the child come supervise "it."

The cashier reacted with complete surprise. "You and your daughter are the only customers in
the store, sir," he said. A quick look determined that this was in fact so, and no one had exited
by way of the only way of egress in the front of the business. A quick look through the store by
both men failed to reveal the strange "child."

Over time, many additional facts came out, largely gleaned from the daughter, who had been to
visit her mother upon occasion. The child was terrified to make these visits, indicating that,
among other things, she had been taken into wild, dangerous caves, leaned over pits (and
allegedly almost dropped into one, to luckily be caught by the mother's boyfriend), and other
such insanity. Eventually the mother's visitations were terminated completely, but this raises
the question of motivation and influence--what would lead a mother to risk the life of her child in
such a callous, almost sacrificial way? The child also witnessed UFO manifestations during
one of the caving trips with her mother. Since that time, the girl has grown to be a happy and
healthy teen, and no further instances of this type of encounter have troubled her, or her father.

First-hand accounts like this abound. Another account, also from the mountains of east-central
Alabama, involves a group of children (now adults) who saw what they termed "a leprechaun,"
following them through the woods one evening. Initially noticed as he sat atop an outcropping of
mossy rock, this entity hopped down from his perch as the kids passed, maintaining a
respectful distance, but he paralleled the children for miles, scaring them badly. He was
described by the now-grown woman and two men as being some two or three feet in height,
wearing green clothing, and looking quite sinister.

It's interesting to note that the TAG (a National Speleological Society term) or
Tennessee-Alabama-Georgia region is considered to be one of the most densely caverned
areas in North America. Many accounts of mysterious lights, UFOs, livestock mutilations, and
strange deaths and disappearances have come from this region. Tales of "haints" and
"boogers" abound in the hills and mountains, and some spelunkers joke to cover up their fear
when they talk about "hodags," unseen cave entities which cut rope or pull it up behind cavers
after a descent; drop or throw rocks and boulders; mislead with mysterious noises; and create
other such strange occurences.

A similar account comes from Olkahoma City, OK. One lady indicates that she and her child
are the objects of unwanted desire or attention from subterranean beings. She is extremely
lucid and utterly convinced of the reality of the experiences she and her child have had.

The entire sequence of events started when she was camping with her four-year old daughter in
a a remote area. The daughter mysteriously disappeared, to be eventually found a few days
later, "well-fed, clean, and happy." The little girl claimed that she had been the guest of an
"underground family" who had been very nice to her and had fed her.

By William M. Mott

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