Chinese Cave Heavens

" If we turn to Chinese folklore, ... we find a time lapse of hundreds of
years. There is a book entitled " The Report Concerning the Cave Heavens and
Lands of Happiness in Famous Mountains," by Tu Kuang-t'ing, who lived from
850 to 933 A.D. This book lists ten 'cave heavens 'and thirty-six 'small
cave heavens' that were supposed to exist beneath the mountains in China.
Here are the reported experiences of a man who entered a passageway leading
to one of these cave heavens:

After walking ten miles, he suddenly found himself in a beautiful land ' with
a clear blue sky, shining pinkish clouds, fragrant flowers, densely growing
willows, towers the color of cinnabar, pavilions of red jade, and far flung
palaces.' He was met by a group of lovely, seductive women, who brought him
to a house of jasper, and played him beautiful music while he drank ' a
ruby-red drink and a jade-colored juice.' Just as he felt the urge to let
himself be seduced, he remembered his family and returned to the
passaageway. Led by a strange light that danced before him, he walked back
through the cave to the outer world; but when he reached his home village,
he did not recognize anyone he saw, and when he arrived at his house, he met
his own descendents of nine generations hence. They told him that one of
their ancestors had disappeared into a cavern three hundred years before and
had never been seen again.'

Here we find the same dilation effect that repeatedly appears in European
Folklore. This effect, plus the fact that the man found himself in a land
with a blue sky and clouds indicates that the cave passageway led to to a
parallel world.

From Alien Identities, by Dr. Richard L. Thompson: ]

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