Balls of Light In Brazil

Excerpts from the book UFOs no Brasil, by Antonio Faleiro



Ball of Light in the Creek

In 1937, Senhor Sebastião José Gonçalves had an unheralded experience. When he was a child, together with a playmate, they were swimming in a creek at Ouro Fino when suddenly, they saw a small, reddish ball of light emanate from the side of a nearby hill and fly over to the creek. The ball of light dived into it and began to throw up sand and water, as if it were penetrating the creekbed. That went on for a few minutes when suddenly, the ruckus stopped. The boys surveyed the area where it had fallen but found nothing, in spite of the creekbed being shallow. That spherical ball had penetrated the creekbed and disappeared.


Ball of Light emerging from a creek

In 1953 Senhor Mauro Rangel found himself on his small country farm. Looking towards the creek, he saw a small ball of light emerging from it; luminous, reddish, up to 4 inches in diameter. Then it flew, without making any noise, to a distant sierra and disappeared.

We believe that these balls of light remain hidden during the day and become active at night to fulfill their programed observation activities. thus, they are programmed to hide in creekbeds, hillsides, bushes, forests and high mountaintops, in short, places where access for people is difficult.


Ball of light enters a home

Senhor Zamiro José Duarte told us that in 1954, he lived in a rural area and that on one night, he went out to his backyard and saw a luminous ball emiting a yellowish light, flying without making any noise at all just above the ground level. It went towards the kitchen door and entered the interior of the house. Fearful, Duarte did not go inside, but he saw that the ball was moving around in the interior of the house, going through the various rooms. At a certain moment, the sphere went out of a window and flew towards a nearby hillock, where it disappeared. It is clear that this ball of light was very sophisticated, equipped to detect open windows and doors in order to go through them.



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