Venezuelan Governments’ Inexplicable Silence in Relation to Inner Earth Accounts

by Laura

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The book ''Mysteries of the Andes'', by Robert Charroux, contains an unusual story about two Venezuelan volcanoes which have been subjected to secret scientific investigations. Page's 106-108 has the following:
'The Agartha, that mysterious underground kingdom that, according to the writer Ossendowski, lies under the Himalaya's, is now also in South America if we are to believe certain traditions. It was perhaps this South American Agartha that Harry Gibson, a Venezuelan pilot, saw during a routine flight in 1964, at the bottom of two craters in the jungle somewhere between the Sierra Maigualida and the Orinoco River.

'It is a strange story, and one would be tempted to place it in the same category as reports of imaginary kingdoms -- El Dorado, Paititi, Moricz's tunnel - if it had not been taken very seriously by two respected archeologists, David Nott Rofi Liverpool and Charles Brewer Carias, assisted by Venezuelen Air Force and ten scientists from different nations.

'The craters are near the sources of the rivers Caura and Ventuari, and two mountains known as Pava and Masiati, at the edge of the Sierra Pacaraima. The volcanoes have been extinct for thousands... of years, so scientists hope to find plant and animal life in them that has long since disappeared from the rest of the world.
'In January 1974 a first three-member team went down into one of the craters, about a thousand feet deep and twelve hundred feet wide. They brought back living plants and animals of species that were either unknown or had been extinct since the Mesozoic.

'The two craters are connected by an underground passage nearly a mile long. According to unverified rumours, it is still in use, because traces of recent activity were found in it.

'So much for the openly announced part of the discovery. The most important results are being kept secret by the Venezuelan scientific authorities, for mysterious reasons. This secrecy has given rise to private inquiries among the people living in surrounding mountains, whose local names are Jaua-Jidi and Sari Inama-Jidi. Fantastic legends concerning the mystery of the two craters have been gathered...
'The region of Jaua-Jidi is a dense, very sparsely inhabited forest. It has been difficult for Venezuelan investigator to make contact with the primitive people who live there. They shun outsiders, speak an unknown language and do not understand Spanish. Half-breeds from the town of Esmeralda, on the Orinoco, have been able to approah them, however.

'Strange people wearing strange clothes have been seen several times in the forest of Jaua-Jidi, one of the reported. They seem unwilling to approach the Indians and they venture only a short distance way from the craters. Their skin is the color of yellowed ivory; they have big eyes, like a jaguar's, and long hair of different colors. They seem fearful and run away whenever they hear an unusual sound. They are thought to live at the bottoms of the craters and in vast underground rooms, with secret entrances in the forest.'

'Other reports would seem to indicate that the people of the kingdom of Two Craters' are in almost constant contact with space beings, but it should be pointed out that sightings of flying saucers are more common in Central and South America that any where else in the world.

'The Indians of the forest say that at night the trees on the rim of each volcano are illuminated by a soft green light that apparently comes from the bottom. Occasionally something, that looks like a 'little round airplane' comes out of the darkness, enters the green halo and disappears into the volcano.

'Two or three nights before David Nott, Brewer Carias, G. Dunsterville and their companions came to the site, intensified activity by the flying 'things' was observed. They were as numerous as a swarm of bees but, perhaps because of their distance from the observers, they flew without making any discernible sound.

'The Indians felt that the strange people were receiving heavy reinforcements, or else that they were moving out before the archaeologists came. In any case they left little trace of their presence in the underground passages, but enough to give convincing evidence that their existence is not a myth. The Indians believe that the 'Kingdom of the Two Craters' extends under the mountains and that, for the time being, its entrances are tightly closed.

'In Lima, Zizi Ghenea told me that a little forest of trees extinct everywhere else grew inside the caves and the craters, and that in it lived animals from the Tertiary.
'What is strange about the whole affair, in which legend is mingled with fact, is the Venezuelan governments' inexplicable silence and secrecy in which the expedition's report has been kept.☀

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