Cavern Worlds

Are they the worlds of Jules Vern, Tolkien, Celtic folklore and fairy tales? Yes! Do they depict a certain reality? We think so!

Read about the abduction of Duryodhana and see how the surface agendas of even kings and governments have been engineered by underground influence. Read of two children who wandered out of a green-sky cavern world, and lived long enough to learn a language of the surface and tell about it; read of the drunken troll who was caught by friars in the wine cellar and kept prisoner for weeks; of naga worlds; of time dilation in the Chinese cave heavens; of a cavern city in the Panamints near Death valley and about a UFO abduction which led to a cavern-world city with a pyramid in the center, surrounded by dwellings.

Yes, UFOs occupied by " Greys," reptoids and a host of others are among us. They're not from Kansas, and they're not from Zeta Piscium, either! Their flights originate below our feet.

Venture inside and inform yourselves. Read on and read in
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Pages of Interest:

Mount Moncayo   Underground Abductions:  Whereto?   Beneath Death Valley  

Green Children Wolfpitte   Japanese Cavern Worlds   Pied Piper of Hamelin   

UnderGround Brazil   Ubajara, Brazil 

Prussian Cave Entity   Go Ask Alice   American Indian Underground   

Abominable Snowman Underground Origins  

  Chinese Cave Heavens   Hindu Kush 

Underground Origins of UFOs  

Apache Underground!   Macuxies 

Balls of Light  Amazon Female Warriors

Venezuelan Inner Earth

Netherworld Tantrik Demoness

The Contradictory Architecture of Egypt

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