Location of the Northern Orifice 

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Japanese AMSR_E Weather Satellite ...

We will point out that the protrusion to the upper left of the circle is the Russian peninsula Novaya Zemlya, and to the bottom right is the Canadian side of Baffin Bay.

Below the three stills we have some other unique and original comments to make, and a conclusion, so do come back if you go see the clip.





The reader might harbor doubts regaring the fact the the orifice is so circular and full of mist. But please examine these three images of the Martian North Pole, of the depression and opening, as a comparitive reference. Explanations are at the top of the images.


Here is the martian North Pole depression wherein the martian orifice is located in the form of rilles, i.e., geological gashes. It is very circular, and fairly clear of mist or ice at the time of this image.


Here is the end point of one of the rilles. Notice the depth! So it really is an opening.


Now here it is full of mist. Obviously, ice didn't quickly form and fill the crater a few miles thick, so it has to be mist that formed when the warmer, humid air from within encountered the cooler air of the surface.

Conclusion: With reference to the Japanese weather satellite images of the Earth's northern orifice, we shouldn't be surprised that the opening is so circular because that's the way the opening is on Mars, too. And the fact that the depression is filled with mist whose tone contrasts with the surrounding ice (and the bluish ocean of the third image) is also understandable for the same reason, that the warmer, humid air from within encounters the cooler Arctic air and forms a foggy mist, just as it does in the Mars image immediately above. 


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