A Broken Auroral Ring  


antarcticaearth.jpgThis is a  NASA image of a broken auroral ring, culled and volunteered by Rod M. Cluff.

The aurora tends to follow the magnetic lines of force out through the opening. Therefore, the aurora projects itself out of the sides of the bowel-like opening, along the rim. This accounts for its ring-like form.

Even so, stretched out auroral displays, which slide to one side, are frequent, and are caused by solar winds which deform the magnetosphere of the Earth as they " blow " from one side. It is not that the solar winds are causal, just that they blow and deform the aurora once it shoots out from within.

In the above image, the solar winds have blown open a breech in the ring over the middle part of the opening. The area where the ring is disconnected corresponds very well to the region where the polar opening to the hollow portion is suspected of being. All told, the break is yet another pointer to the location of the polar opening to the hollow world within.



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