Circular, Compacted as if Linear ...

Wide Open, Presented As If Not! 

“The North Magnetic Pole, once thought to be virtually a point in the Arctic Archipelago, has been shown by recent investigations to extend across the polar basin to the Tamyr Peninsula in Siberia. The lines represent magnetic meridians.” (Dr. Raymond Bernard, from his book The Hollow Earth)

The magnetic lines of force emanate from the inner circle of the opening. Their emanation and irradiation actually follows the circular contour of the opening, but it is now assumed to be linear. Why? Because nobody can imagine that there is an inward slope of the Arctic near the opening, nor that there even is a circular opening to the inner world. On a flat map, it ends up being depicted as compacted, as if it were sewn together and linear.

This accounts for the "drunkeness" or drift of compass so often observed by Arctic explorers as they approach the opening itself. They never understood why, of course. This phenomenon was described in Seven Days North of Tibet. On page 216 of his book Farthest North, Nansen described the confusion of the compass: "To give the course of the ( longitude ) is a difficult task in these latitudes as there is a perceptible deviation of the compass with every degree of longitude as one passes East or West."

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