The Aurora Shoots Upwards

Nansen, on page 106 of his book Farthest North: "Presently it shimmers in tongues of flame over the zenith, and then again it shoots a bright ray up from the horizon." Notice that Nansen states that the aurora "shoots up from the horizon." He does not describe, for example, that the aurora shoots downwards from outer space.

Dr. Hayes, from his vantage point at the Northern end of Greenland, corroborates this observation with his own, found on page 136 of his book The Open Polar Seas: "In the dim distance loomed up the lofty snow-clad mountains of the west coast. Upon the sea floated a heavy bank of mist, which, slowly changing when moved by the wind, disclosed within its dark bosom the ghostly form of an iceberg; and a feeble auroral light fringed this sombre cloak of the waves. Angry flashes darted from behind this mass of impenetrable blackness, and, rush­ing fiercely among the constellations, seemed like fiery arrows shot up by evil spirits of another world." He describes the streamers as “ fiery arrows shot up.”

The following short description of the display is condensed from Mauch's journal, and corresponds to the image below : "At 7 p. m., as I was returning to the ship from the observatory, I noticed the slaty appearance of the sky to the northwest and the occasional shooting up of luminous streamers. At 7:15 the horizon to the northwest was a blood-red color, while faint, white streamers sprang up in rapid succession, increasing in numbers, and rising from the west, north, and northeast points. They were all directed toward the zenith, and the exterior ones bending inwards gave to the whole configuration a dome-like shape. They then all vanished, and new ones began to rise slowly from a wider extent of horizon. At 8:30 new and very bright streamers advanced toward the zenith from all directions. At 8:45 they all gathered about the zenith and formed a perfect corona. They then all seemed to move toward the north, as new ones arose from the south." Mauch watched the progress of these streamers while passing over some stars ....

The Aurora Borealis

Readers- The above descriptions by the Arctic explorers of yesteryear were uncensored. These descriptions clearly correspond to a hollow earth origin of the aurora, the idea being that the auroral display is then expressed through the polar orifices.   

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