Aurora Australis Marks The Southern Orifice


The following is a sped-up NASA film clip of the aurora australis. One thing that is unique about this clip is that it shows the aurora emanting from an orifice in the continent of Antarctica. This observation flies in the face of the accepted theory that the aurora is directly caused by the solar winds. We suggest that radiations from the Sun, including the solar winds, well up within the hollow portion of the Earth and are expelled at times, causing the auroral display at a certain altitude of friction.

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Perhaps the reader would like to familiarize him or herself with this concept of an upshooting aurora. Testimony from the Arctic explorers of yesteryear can help: Upwards Aurora

Below, the reader will find still shots extracted from the clip which show the point of origin of the aurora. Please note that our humble efforts have not produced the same quality of resolution as the NASA clip. At this point we can focus on another unique characteristic of this NASA clip- its satellite imagery clearly shows the location of the Southern orifice. A made-to-order clip could not serve our purposes better.

At this point it would be helpful to refer the reader to another NASA image and its interpretation, which can be found on our Radarsat page. Our comments on the location of the Southern orifice should be understood in conjunction with this page: Radarsat 

What the reader should keep in mind as he or she peruses the images below is that the opening is not a matter of flat surface where a hole opens up such that the opening is formed by a right angle drop. The area around the opening, in other words- that whole side of the Antarctic, is a basin or depression which funnels down into the orifice in a way similar to an hourglass because, of course, the orifice flairs open on the other side. The problem is that this depression, which is 3-D, is being represented on a two dimensional surface, a flat map, such that the opening gives the impression of a straight-down hole being drilled on a flat surface. Again, it is not exactly like that.


In the first image below, a dark point can be seen within the pink circle. Basically, it sits between the American McMurdo Base, The South Pole, the Russian Vostok, and sits within a thin strip denominated "unclaimed territory" on Antarctic maps.


At this point, the image below shows that the aurora is spouting out from the opening.


Again, the point of origin for the outflowing aurora is seen.


Towards the end, the outflow is more intense, and it can be seen that the solar winds are brushing the outflowing aurora to one side.


Ditto for this image.


Finally, the opening can be seen with the difuse aurora around it.

Thus, these NASA images demonstrate that the aurorae originate from within the Earth, that they are expressed through the polar orifices, and the images pinpoint the location of the Southern polar orifice, for all time, better than any of our efforts could do.

The above images of the aurora are from NASA archives, and were brought to our attention by The Hollowearth Blogspot, which may be accessed by clicking on its name.

In addition, the following image from the cover of the French magazine Ciel et Espace has been found by the The Hollowearth Blogspot. The area within the orange circle is wherefrom the aurora emanates. That it is even visible on the cover of a popular magazine is amazing!


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